myTV SUPER 18 (18)
myTV SUPER 18 provides extensive coverage on local horse-racing, from racing news, horse trackwork, pre-race analysis to live racing and post-race review.

Golden Jade (80)
Golden Jade provides a collection of 70’-90’ TVB Dramas and Variety Shows. Those outstanding locally produced programmes seem to bring viewers back to Old Hong Kong to enjoy the most memorable entertainment and life culture in the past.

Jade (81)
TVB's flagship service and the most popular channel in Hong Kong. With strong production and star power, Jade offers viewers a sumptuous amount of home-grown drama, variety and enrichment content with local taste and flavor.

J2 (82)
A general entertainment channel offering a mix of programmes customized to adultescent who are driven, energetic and actively interested in trendy and chic culture.

TVB News Channel (83)
The only 24-hour news channel offering free service to viewers in Hong Kong. TVB News endeavors to offer the most up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information local and international news to our audience. It is also simulcast on, myTV SUPER and TVB News mobile applications.

Pearl (84)
The leading English-language channel bringing viewers TVB production and high-quality programmes across a range of genres which includes movies, drama, lifestyle and documentary acquired from different corners of the globe.

TVB Finance, Sports & Information Channel (85)
TVB Finance, Sports & Information Channel is the only 24-hour free-to-air financial and information channel with a full penetration covering all Hong Kong. Our aim is to be the best financial and information channel with comprehensive coverage by keeping the audience abreast of the latest developments in the fast-paced world of financial markets. We attach great importance to the demand for information outside the financial domain. We will have Live broadcast on every horse-racing day, plus programmes with tips and forecasts before race fixtures, as well as racing reviews afterwards. TVB News and Information Services Division also produces several exclusive feature programmes covering housing, education, medical care, job markets, technology and the latest development within the Greater Bay Area. Moreover, we also acquire high-quality programmes from abroad on biographies, superb infrastructure, history, and tourism to give viewers a bigger global perspective.

TVB Classic (86)
Drama channel presenting a collection of the most memorable and admired TVB dramas from TVB's well-established library, focusing on post-millenium productions.

Asian Drama (87)
Asian Drama features favorite Asian drama titles spanning Korea, Japan, Greater China and other Asian countries, presenting star-studded high quality productions across a wide spectrum of themes and genres.

Chinese Drama (89)
Chinese Drama assembles flagship drama titles from China and Taiwan. By offering titles of premier cast and finest productions, Chinese Drama is devoted to establishing itself as a diversified and abundant Mandarin drama channel.

Entertainment News (91)
Delivering the latest showbiz buzz from around the world, as well as exclusive interviews with the hottest local and international celebrities.

Asian Variety (92)
Asian Variety is a lifestyle and entertainment channel featuring a wide variety of popular local and Asian content encompassing food and travel, lifestyle, entertainment and game shows, entertainment news and magazine programs, perfect for family viewing.

Chinese Opera Channel (98)
24-hour channel showcases a handpicked selection of excerpt performances and stage plays featuring opera virtuosi, artistes and rising stars of the field. Audience can appreciate the legacy of this unique art form and explore traditional Chinese theatre culture.

Hands Up Channel (100)
A 24-hour channel for kids suitable for ages from pre-school, lower to upper primary with a wide variety of educational and entertaining content ranging from learning programs covering STEAM, language, history and arts as well as new and classic animations, movies, sing-alongs and TVB productions.

CBeebies (103)
CBeebies is a safe, entertaining and educational experience for pre-school children. CBeebies is a world full of stories, discovery and giggles. It is a place where friends like Duggee, Sarah & Duck and Mister Maker help nurture your little one’s imagination, and where your child’s curiosity about the world is answered through their unstoppable appetite for play!

Nickelodeon (104)
Nickelodeon targets kids aged 7 to 14 and has embraced a philosophy that puts kids first. Programs made from a kids’ point of view encourage good values like friendship, teamwork, family and respect. Nickelodeon’s rich and varied programming includes global animation hits such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, live action comedies and curriculum-based pre-school properties.

Nick Jr (105)
A 24-hour pre-school channel for kids aged 2 to 6. The pre-school educational programs include popular shows like Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego Go!, Bubble Guppies and many more.

Classic Movies (200)
Classic Movies is a 24-hour channel that is home to the all-time classic features from Hong Kong. It showcases a wide array of genres including Cantonese operas, arts and ethics, fantasy and martial arts, suspense and mystery, etc, featuring the most reputable and legendary artistes in the field. Powered by a library of Hong Kong’s movie legacy of 50-70's, TVB Classic Movies provides an unmatched entertainment experience by leading audience down the memory lane of the old Hong Kong.

Mei Ah Movie Channel (201)
A 24-hour non-stop movie channel that features high quality movies and blockbusters from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Programming covers a diversity of genres including drama, romance, comedy, action, horror, suspense thriller, etc. Showcasing superstars from countries across the region, Mei Ah Movie Channel is one of the best choices for premium movies entertainment for the Hong Kong audience.

Thrill (202)
Get your fill of non-stop scares anytime, anywhere! With Thrill, you can now watch a wide range of horror, thriller and suspense movies, along with chilling TV and reality series at your convenience.

CCM (203)
CCM is a 24-hour movie channel screening Chinese classic movie masterpieces from the renowned Shaw Brothers library and other film libraries. All Shaw Brothers movies are digitally restored to bring viewers sound and picture quality matching the original cinematic prints.

China Movie Channel (204)
China Movie Channel - an overseas edition of CCTV6, is an encrypted movie channel aimed at audience in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It is specialized in airing Chinese movies, updated entertainment information, variety shows and exclusive interviews, as well as cultural programmes.

Paramount Network (205)
Paramount Network is a premium entertainment destination that offers audiences of all ages, the best of Hollywood movies, compelling TV series and a stable of quality and relatable comedies from the Comedy Central brand.

KIX (304)
Want to get a piece of the action anytime, anywhere? You can now watch a selection of the best combat sports programs, action series and action movies at your convenience! Get your adrenaline fix at home and on-the-go with KIX.

Eurosport (305)
The number one sport destination in Europe, provides live broadcast of international sports events, connects fans and athletes on premium sports including cycling, tennis, athletics, skiing and more.

BBC Earth (401)
BBC Earth is the future of factual television. Offering aspirational viewers something amazing every day – from the smallest creature under the microscope to the limitless expanses of space – this channel will bring viewers face to face with heart pounding action, mind blowing ideas and the wonders of being human. Be here.

Love Nature HD (*This channel is only available in HD resolution) (402)
The destination to discover, explore and connect with the wonder and beauty of nature. With its family-friendly programming line-up, the channel will make viewers unearth every astonishing detail—from natural phenomena to the marvels of the animal kingdom. Love Nature showcases exclusive series from around the globe, shot in the highest quality imaginable.

Love Nature 4K (403)
The destination to discover, explore and connect with the wonder and beauty of nature. With its family-friendly programming line-up, the channel will make viewers unearth every astonishing detail—from natural phenomena to the marvels of the animal kingdom. Love Nature showcases exclusive series from around the globe, shot in the highest quality imaginable.

動物星球頻道 (404)

Discovery Channel (405)
Discovery Channel offers viewers an engaging line-up of high-quality non-fiction entertainment from blue-chip nature, science and technology, ancient and contemporary history, adventure, cultural and topical documentaries.

Discovery Science (406)
From the depths of our galaxy to the practical science in the world around us, Discovery Science is the only network dedicated to making science programming accessible, relevant and entertaining, and helping fans around the world satisfy curiosity.

Global Trekker (407)
Global Trekker goes beyond to broaden your mind, open your heart and inspire your soul; motivates you to explore the world, bringing you closer to nature, and giving you insights to business success and how technology improves your everyday lives. From travel and food, to nature, from business to technology, Global Trekker brings the world to your feet.

ROCK Extreme (500)
ROCK Extreme is the home for unusual, adrenaline pumping, exciting and sometimes just down-right funny content for an audience that enjoys immersing themselves in the contrasts of everyday ordinary.

ROCK Entertainment (501)
ROCK Entertainment is a general entertainment channel with the best mix of reality, drama, movies and late night talk shows, aired express from the US and UK.

AXN (502)
AXN delivers adrenaline-packed action and adventure entertainment through top rated action series, blockbuster features, adventure-reality programs and AXN original productions.

GEM (503)
GEM – the leading destination for the best of Japanese entertainment. With an expanded curation of Japanese content, the channel features first run and exclusive dramas and variety entertainment shows from Japan. This includes selected prime time dramas airing at the same time and within the same week of their broadcast in Japan.

Animax (504)
Animax is dedicated to bringing you a wide variety of anime programs around-the-clock. Animax is the channel of choice for youth trendsetters, image-conscious, tech-savvy young adults and individuals seeking a unique entertainment experience. It offers a dynamic line-up of not only the popular anime programmes as well as shows never before seen outside of Japan, but also original productions that are exclusive to Animax Asia.

tvN (505)
One of the leading pay TV channels in Korea, tvN is expanding to Asia-Pacific. Being the content trend leader, tvN provides high quality general entertainment through express top-rated variety shows, record breaking hit dramas, world class music shows, trend leading lifestyle programmes, and star-studded original productions exclusively for Asian viewers. tvN, where fun takes off!

TVBS Asia (601)
TVBS Asia is an all-round entertainment channel offering engaging infotainment programs. A dedicated team of celebrity reporters and anchors present the updated showbiz news and give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite personalities.

Creation TV (602)
Established in 2003, Creation TV has produced a lot of quality programs and delivers the message of happy-life “Joy with God” to families via our television broadcast. Programs are edited and produced as the tools for evangelists and life educations in churches, schools and Christian organizations. Let spread the gospel to Chinese via different channels throughout the world.

Fashion One (603)
Thinking fashion as it pertains to television, is not limited to just runway and models. Viewers can find fashion, trends and style everywhere. From photography, street style and beauty tips, to designer retrospectives and the latest celebrity trends, it is the premier channel that reveals fashion in all aspects of life. It is the channel dedicated to Hong Kong local audience with FIRST updates about fashion, entertainment and lifestyle.

Mezzo Live HD (604)
Mezzo Live HD recreates the magic of the best classical and jazz concerts at home with 100% of content in native High Definition and superb sound quality. All year round, Mezzo Live HD takes you to the world's most prestigious concert halls from Paris' Opera, Milan's Scala , London's Covent Garden, Berlin's Philharmonic, Moscow's Bolshoi, Tokyo's Jazz Festival, Taiwan's Cloud Gate Dance Theatre…

BBC Lifestyle (605)
Whether you’re reinventing your home, wanting more fun in the kitchen, or searching for ways to feel better and look great, you’ll find it all on BBC Lifestyle. The sassy and energetic channel that’s alive with inspirational ideas to transform your life.

Mainland News (701)
Mainland News Channel provides news and information ranging from national issues to local affairs from 12 major cities and provinces in China including Anhui, Chongqing, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Jilin, Shandong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing. The channel also presents special features and reports to keep viewers abreast of events on the mainland.

TVBS News (702)
Produced by TVBS, TVBS News is one of the influential round-the-clock news channels in Taiwan offering breaking news locally and internationally. The dedicated news team leaves no stone unturned in chasing up the latest news and goes behind the headlines for in-depth coverage. The channel also offers a rich mixture of online forums as well as entertainment news.

Channel NewsAsia (703)
Channel NewsAsia positions itself as an Asian TV News channel that provides news and information on global developments with Asian perspectives.

Al Jazeera English (704)
Al Jazeera English is an international 24-hour news and current affairs channel that takes viewers inside the stories surrounding global news. With fearless news reporting and award winning programming, Al Jazeera will challenge your perceptions by providing news stories from every continent.

France 24 (705)
FRANCE 24, the non-stop international news channel, broadcasts 24/7 in English. From its newsroom in Paris, FRANCE 24 gives a French perspective on global affairs through a network of several hundred correspondents located in nearly every country.

DW (706)
DW offers a perfect mix of news and information, whether it is in-depth European business reporting, a fresh look at digital lifestyle and music or intriguing human-interest stories. The new DW schedule offer programs in English 24 hours a day - thereby ensuring that the channel engages and connects with viewers throughout the world.

NHK World-Japan (707)
NHK World-Japan is an English-language channel available 24 hours a day. From current events, business, science and technology to arts and culture, its programs cover a broad range of themes from a Japanese viewpoint.

Arirang TV (708)
Arirang TV is a 24-hour English channel from Korea. The channel appeals to viewers who are interested in Korean, Asian and global issues with a variety of genres including news, current affairs, culture, cuisine, and entertainment.

BBC World News (709)
BBC World News is the BBC’s 24-hour international news and information service providing breaking news, broader news stories, as well as award-winning current affairs series and documentaries. Renowned globally for integrity, impartiality and quality, these three defining factors have seen us grow to be one of the world’s most trusted news brand. With journalists in more places than any other international news broadcaster, we don’t just go where the stories happen, we’re already there.

myTV SUPER Live Soccer 1 (900)
Featuring Live broadcast of professional football matches.

myTV SUPER Live Soccer 2 (901)
Featuring Live broadcast of professional football matches.

myTV SUPER Live Soccer 3 (902)
Featuring Live broadcast of professional football matches.

myTV SUPER Live Soccer 4 (903)
Featuring Live broadcast of professional football matches.

myTV SUPER Live Soccer 5 (904)
Featuring Live broadcast of professional football matches.